New Approach to DDOS Protection | IT Support and Hardware for Clinics |

Attacks are larger, adversaries more diverse, and damage is broader. These are characteristics of today's distributed-denial-of-service attacks, and organizations need a new approach to protection, says Verisign's Ramakant Pandrangi.

Pandrangi, VP of Technology at Verisign, has studied DDoS attacks, and he's concerned about recent trends.

"Large volumetric DDoS attacks are becoming more common," Pandrangi says. "And as that happens, on-premise solutions will not be able to handle these types of attacks."

What's needed, then, is an entirely new approach to protecting against DDoS. Pandrangi advocates what he calls an open/hybrid approach that relies on on-premise solutions to mitigate attacks locally, while leveraging cloud-based services when attacks are likely to overwhelm the defenses. At the core of this new approach is an open platform that allows multiple vendors to act in concert on the customer's behalf.

"This [approach], we believe, will allow businesses to have a wide range of options without the limitations of having vendor lock-in," he says.