IT Support and Hardware for Clinics
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IT Support and Hardware for Clinics
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Getting Patients to and from the Clinic or Pharmacy Just Got Easier with Uber Health and Lyft 

Getting Patients to and from the Clinic or Pharmacy Just Got Easier with Uber Health and Lyft  | IT Support and Hardware for Clinics |

In the ever expanding world of health information technology ridesharing leaders are getting into the game. Uber Health and Lyft are now offering patient transportation, pharmacy pickup and EHR integration.


Uber Health allows healthcare providers and caregivers to request rides for their patients. Rides can be scheduled up to 30 days in advance, or can be booked on-demand. Booking requests are made via text message or phone call, so patients are not required to have a smart phone to participate. The service is HIPAA compliant.


There are already more than 100 customers using Uber Health, including MedStar Health, Collective Health, LifeBridgeHealth, and Manhattan Women’s Health.


Lyft is integrating with Allscripts Sunrise EHR to cut down on missed appointments. The EHR integration will allow prompts from Allscript’s EHR to ask the patient if they need transportation automatically when an appointment is scheduled. Clinicians will then see real time scheduling updates and the ETA of their patients. This niche service has huge potential. According to the Washington Business Journal, missed appointments cost US providers and insurers upwards of $150 billion a year.


Blue Cross and Blue Shield plans are also expanding their partnership with Lyft that provides no-cost transportation to enrolees who request a ride to pick up their prescription at Walgreens or CVS. This program is currently in pilot in Pittsburg, with CVS picking up the bill, and Chicago with Walgreens picking up the bill.

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Design Of A Mobile Health Clinic

Design Of A Mobile Health Clinic | IT Support and Hardware for Clinics |

A mobile clinic allows the health provider or health business to deliver its services from multiple locations. Simply put, you go to the patient, they don’t come to you.
The concept of mobile and virtual health clinics has grown rapidly and both are now key business models for health businesses in Australia.

Mobile health clinics have certainly grown in both numbers and services offered, as you now have clinicians and health practitioners flying into towns to hold a clinic or even doing a roadshow-like journey through rural and remote areas.

Mobile health clinics are also increasing in metropolitan areas where health practitioners or health businesses are going into the corporate, government and educational sectors to offer their services to the staff of those organisations.

Simply put, doctors, allied health professionals and community workers are now becoming more mobile and as such, are having a bigger reach.

Most health practitioners agree that the biggest challenge in a mobile health clinic is to be mobile. In order words, the ability to access all the necessary clinical and business tools and offer the same service as an in-house health clinic is the greatest challenge.

Below are some tips on how to design a mobile health clinic (from an IT perspective)

Know what tools you need to complete your tasks in a mobile environment, this includes:

  • The clinical software applications you currently use (MD, BP, Genie, Pathology)
  • The billing applications you currently use (BP Management, eClaims)
  • The communication/messaging applications you currently use (Argus, Healthlink)
  • The administrative tools you currently use (Outlook, calendar)

Ask your current eHealth IT consultant to perform some research on

  • Cloud solutions specific to the health industry
  • Remote desktop solutions
  • Remote access solutions

At REND Tech, our Cloud for Health solution allows mobile, virtual and FIFO businesses to access their complete clinical IT environment from anywhere (home, office, mobile office), at any time and using their preferred device (iPads, tablets, laptops).

Before agreeing on a solution/vendor, ensure that

  • You have thoroughly tested the solution and it meets your requirements
  • Your data and applications are hosted in Australia
  • Your data, applications and complete IT environment are backed up daily
  • You are happy with the security levels provided
  • There is ongoing IT support and maintenance to ensure that your solution is always available.
  • You have tested the solution using wireless, networked and 3G/4G connections

By following the steps above, you should be well and truly on your way to having an excellent IT foundation for your mobile health clinic.

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