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Apple will be refreshing their popular Macbook Air very soon. The new Macbook Air will have a 12-inch screen, and we have heard the rumors as we are sure you have of a retina screen. No word yet on that, but we also have details on other aspects of the hardware inside the next Macbook Air.

The next Macbook Air will feature Intel’s latest Core M “Broadwell-U” SoC that combines a dual-core “Broadwell” CPU with graphics, has a dual-channel DDR3L IMC, and system agent all within a single chip. It will have an overall TDP of only 15W. Apple is also working on a new fanless cooling system for the chip. The other big upgrade will be the introduction of the USB 3.1 port. USB 3.1 doubles the bandwidth to 10 Gbps and has better power delivery that will allow you to charge your portable devices faster.