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Google's Real-time Voice Translation Service is on the Way

Google's Real-time Voice Translation Service is on the Way | IT Support and Hardware for Clinics |

Following the launch of Microsoft’s Skype Translator service, Google will soon update its mobile translation app to recognize speech in a range of languages and turn it into text, reports The New York Times.

Google will announce the update to its Android app soon, according to the report. The new feature should make it easier for language learners, travelers and businesses to communicate more easily when conversing with foreign language speakers.

The New York Times also says that Google will launch a service to automatically translate foreign text into your native language on your smartphone, simply by pointing your device’s camera at, say, a street sign.

That technology actually exists in the form of an Android, Google Glass and iOS app called Word Lens. Google acquired Quest Visual, the startup behind the app last May — so it’s likely that the aforementioned service will be a revamped and rebranded effort that ties into Google’s ecosystem.

We’ve contacted Google for more details and will update this post when we hear back.

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Windows 10 no 'loss leader' for Microsoft, but making money may rely on services

Windows 10 no 'loss leader' for Microsoft, but making money may rely on services | IT Support and Hardware for Clinics |
Microsoft won’t talk about what Windows 10 will cost until next year. But it’s looking unlikely that it will be completely free, either for users or for PC makers building larger devices, after Chief Operating Officer Kevin Turner said that Windows 10 won’t be a priced to keep users in the Microsoft ecosystem.

“We haven’t announced the Windows 10 pricing framework yet. But the one thing I can tell you that we’ve not had any conversations on is Windows 10 being a loss leader for us,” he said at the Credit Suisse technology conference.

The way Microsoft makes money from PCs is changing. Windows hasn’t been the biggest earner for Microsoft for some time: Turner said it was in third place behind the Office and enterprise businesses.

He also gave indications that Microsoft would look to extend the kind of deals it’s done with makers of smaller devices who get Windows for free but are encouraged to bundle deals like Office 365 subscriptions that bring income for Microsoft. Notebook makers can already get a cheaper licence for Windows 8.1 if they make Bing the default search engine. But Turner seemed to suggest Microsoft would extend that even further.

“We’ve got to monetize it differently,” he explained. “There are services involved. There are additional opportunities for us to bring additional services to the product in a creative way.”

Unlike analysts, who have suggested that low-priced PCs may undermine the Windows 10 market, Turner was notably enthusiastic. “It’s wonderful to see these 9-inch and below devices explode, because that was an area where candidly, I was blocked out and I had no share of what was being built. The $199 laptop, the HP Stream, is an amazing device.”

Turner confirmed that Windows 10 will ship “by late summer and early fall” of 2015. And, he said, Microsoft will reveal what the Windows 10 business model will be “in the early part of 2015.”
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