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Samsung Could Roll Back Its Own Software And Embrace Microsoft For Galaxy S6

Samsung Could Roll Back Its Own Software And Embrace Microsoft For Galaxy S6 | IT Support and Hardware for Clinics |

We’ve already heard reports that Samsung could be pumping the breaks on TouchWiz with its next flagship, but a new report from the generally accurate SamMobile today says that it will also be removing most of its in-house pre-loaded software from the Galaxy S6, and instead offering a host of Microsoft’s smartphone apps pre-installed. If true, this is one of the surest signs yet that Samsung is rethinking its mobile strategy in a way that truly plays to its strengths and minimizes its weaknesses.

Per the report, Samsung will be reducing the performance impact of TouchWiz, as well as sticking closer to stock Lollipop in some regards. But the big news is that it will remove “all” of its pre-installed apps, which presumably means things like S Voice, S Health, S Note and others. These will still be available, and will offer more colourful redesigns, but they’ll reside in the Samsung Galaxy Apps store as optional downloads, instead of something you get on the device out of the box (and can never truly remove).

Samsung won’t be stripping pre-installed software altogether, though: Instead, it’ll offer Microsoft’s revamped suite of productivity apps, including OneNote, OneDrive, Office Mobile (complete with a free 365 subscription of indeterminate duration) and Skype. Given Microsoft’s success in reinventing its software offerings for the mobile platforms of its ostensible competitors, this should prove far more beneficial to users than offering them Samsung’s generally unimpressive equivalents.

For Microsoft, it’s a way to instantly gain the kind of reach that Windows Phone could never hope to achieve, at least not in the near future. As the company refocuses with special attention to its software and services division, doing this kind of thing will allow it to raise awareness among a whole new generation of users. Even if, ultimately, it wants to route users back to Windows Phone as a platform, appealing to users where they already are serves its short-term goals. And if its mobile OS ends up going nowhere, at least they have a relationship in place with users upon which they can build an alternate revenue strategy.

Samsung reveals all in just a few weeks at a special March 1 event in Barcelona before Mobile World Congress kicks off, and we’ll have all the details as soon as they become available.

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Microsoft beefs up Office Online with new features, streamlined interface

Microsoft beefs up Office Online with new features, streamlined interface | IT Support and Hardware for Clinics |

Microsoft is rolling out improvements to Office Online that add more features to the web-based productivity suite and make some already-existing features more readily available. Most of the changes span the entire suite, but there are a few improvements that are specific to Word.

Here's what's new.

More Reading View

The reading view in Office Online has always been very basic—little more than an annoying extra step to pass through before editing your document, really. With the new updates, Microsoft is making reading view a little more useful, first by switching the options interface to the right side of the screen instead of the left.

The option to print a document is now front and center instead of buried under the File menu. There is also a new generic menu hiding a few more features, such as a translate option, the ability to view past versions, and embed the document in a web page.

More file management

Previously, when you clicked File > Save As in Word Online you were met with two options: download a copy of the document to your desktop, or download the document as a PDF. With the upcoming improvements, Microsoft will also add the ability to save another copy of the file to OneDrive and introduce an option to rename a file. 

Add to OneDrive

Making it easier to edit files that aren't your own, Microsoft will now let you add a copy of a file to your OneDrive if it's owned by somebody else. Say, for example, a colleague shares a memo with you over OneDrive but with "view only" permissions. Clicking the new Add to OneDrive button will let you save your own copy of the document that you are free to edit.

Other improvements

Those are the big changes, but Microsoft is also rolling out a few other tweaks, such as an improved start screen that more closely mimics what you see on the desktop with Word 2013. Microsoft has also improved the "Tell Me" natural language help feature, and added word counts when you highlight a section of text. Office 365 subscribers with Android tablets will now see an Open in Word button just like desktop users do, allowing them to open documents from Office Online in the native apps on their device.

The new improvements are rolling out now. You may see some of them in your account already with others to follow soon.

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