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4 conditions your clinic can tackle through telemedicine 

4 conditions your clinic can tackle through telemedicine  | IT Support and Hardware for Clinics |

Living with a debilitating disease can be overwhelming. Not only does it have an impact on overall wellness and longevity, but also the time, effort and money patients spend traveling to see specialists can limit the quality of care they receive. Still, these physician visits are critical to health outcomes, so patients could benefit from an easier way to keep their plan of care on track. That's where telemedicine comes in.


Technology is positively impacting the health care industry in various ways, and telehealth is an example of an effective tool for those living with chronic conditions. There is a direct correlation between access to care and quality of care, and telehealth closes the geographic gap to where and when people can get the care they need

4 chronic conditions supported with telemedicine

The ability to increase access to care via telemedicine has proven to be a convenient way to manage chronic disease. Here are four common conditions that telehealth can assist with:


  1. High blood pressure - According to Health IT News, someone living with hypertension can utilize telemedicine to connect with a specialist via video conferencing and discuss data from their wearable device

  2. Diabetes - Rural patients managing diabetes often lack access to a specialist. Telemedicine has proven a viable way to manage diabetes and when necessary, provide a high level interaction between patients in rural areas and diabetic specialist in larger urban centers.

  3. Depression - Discussing anxiety or other feelings related to depression with a psychologist can be done via telemedicine, as Mark Rood, MD, told the Cleveland Clinic. It's the same type of conversation that would happen in the office, so telehealth takes away the time and effort spent to meet in person.

  4. Arthritis - Determining one's range of motion doesn't have to happen face to face. With telemedicine, a patient living with arthritis can demonstrate how well he or she is healing and ask for additional recommendations if pain has worsened.


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Why Are Telemedicine Doctors Important?

Why Are Telemedicine Doctors Important? | IT Support and Hardware for Clinics |

It’s no secret that healthcare costs continue to rise year after year. As a result, patients are having more difficulty accessing traditional physician’s services.

The American Hospital Association (AHA) recently reported some surprising healthcare statistics. Over 76 percent of patients place more value on access to health care than on having in-person interactions with their physicians.

The number of telemedicine patients in the United States is growing dramatically. In 2013, there were 350,000 patients who opted to consult with telemedicine doctors. By 2018, that number is predicted to be over 7 million.

It’s clear that this trend is changing healthcare in amazing ways. Telemedicine doctors are offering an incredibly important service.

This medical trend presents many significant advantages over traditional doctor-patient relationships.

Telemedicine Doctors Are Easily Accessible

Telemedicine offers a convenient solution for many patients. For example, it provides significant advantage to parents of children with chronic medical issues. Similarly, it also offers alternatives for patients with difficulty driving.

Physicians now can reach a much larger patient base. Patients have more options in choosing their preferred physicians and therapists. Physical location is no longer a barrier to quality medical treatment.

Telemedicine also serves as a viable alternative for follow-up visits. Because of its convenience, this results in a higher rate of patient compliance for after-care.

The Waiting-Room Experience Is Eliminated

The traditional waiting room experience can be difficult for many reasons:

– Patients generally do not like having to wait to be seen by their physicians.

– Being in a crowded room full of other sick people is stressful.

– The waiting room experience can exacerbate problems for patients with anxiety.

– Physicians feel guilty for taking breaks when they know there are people waiting.

Remote medical care reduces these pressures. The result is an experience that is better for all parties involved.

Results Are Overwhelmingly Positive

Communicating about medical issues through a teleconference may initially seem off-putting. However, the results have been overwhelmingly positive.  Most patients have been able to build rapport with their remote physicians easily.

Additionally, this treatment option is effective for addressing psychological issues including:

– Anxiety

– Depression

– Attention deficit disorder

– Obsessive compulsive disorder

Telemedicine Offers Cost Savings for Physicians and Patients

Physicians can introduce telemedicine into their practice with a very low initial cost. The ongoing monthly outlay is also nominal.

These savings generally pass on to patients. The typical cost for remote medical treatment can be as low as $25 to $50 per visit, depending on the doctor. Healthcare is now more accessible to people who previously may not have been able to afford it.

Telemedicine Is Now Legally Accepted in Most States

States are currently passing laws to legitimize the practice and protect patients. As of early 2017, over 30 states had enacted laws related to telemedicine.

These laws prevent state-regulated insurers from denying claims due to remote service. Telemedicine claims must be treated the same as claims for traditional services.

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4 Benefits of Telemedicine for Patients and Clinicians 

4 Benefits of Telemedicine for Patients and Clinicians  | IT Support and Hardware for Clinics |

Technology has improved every industry, but the medical industry has been impacted more than most.

Telemedicine allows doctors to provide quality care to their patients live via the web, rather than requiring in-person appointments.

There are countless benefits of telemedicine, which is why so many physicians and patients are starting to take advantage of it.

Below we’ll explore four of these benefits. Let’s take a look, so you can see if telemedicine is right for you.

The Four Main Benefits of Telemedicine

1. It’s Convenient for Both Patients and Clinicians

Without question, convenience is one of the biggest benefits of telemedicine for both patients and clinicians.

Think about it – a traditional, in-person appointment requires a patient to physically go to the office, fill out paperwork, and sit in the waiting room until called. Typically, they first see the nurse, then the doctor, and then the nurse again, and then they have to go back to the front desk to pay the bill. What should be a quick and routine check-up can take a whole morning!

Telemedicine allows for a quick and easy “face-to-face” appointment without requiring a patient to leave the comfort of home.

Doctors get the chance to see patients quickly without running from room to room, which makes this a win for both parties.

2. Doctors Get True One-On-One Time with Patients

During a telemedicine consultation, it’s literally just the patient and the doctor. There are no office distractions or go-betweens involved.

Because appointments must be scheduled without overlapping, doctors can be relaxed, focused, and thorough with each visit. Similarly, because of the convenience telemedicine offers, patients will be more relaxed as well, and more open in their questions (or answers to your questions).

This level of one-on-one time gives doctors the space to provide their best possible care.

3. Patients Can Get Prescriptions and Referrals Quickly

Imagine running out of your allergy inhaler the Saturday evening before leaving for your outdoor vacation, and your prescription is out of refills. This can be a huge predicament if you have to wait until normal business hours to get a doctor to order a refill for your prescription.

With telemedicine, patients can connect with a doctor who can review their medical records and quickly provide prescriptions or referrals as needed, even outside normal business hours.

Even better for practitioners, the ability of patients to have a quick check-in for prescription refills or referrals means you can devote more of your in-office appointments to patients with more complicated needs.

These quick telemedicine consultations provide the same level of HIPAA certified privacy, with the speed and convenience of an online transaction.

4. Telemedicine Is More Cost-Effective

For patients, access to telemedicine provides professional medical care at a cost that is lower than or equal to in-office visits. Because telemedicine decreases (or eliminates) the need to travel and miss work, patients can end up saving a significant amount of money versus traditional appointments.

With medical expenses through the roof today, patients are looking for new and different ways to save on their healthcare. This bodes well for the telemedicine industry since 74% of people surveyed said they would use it.

The great news is that telemedicine is cost-effective for clinicians as well!

A thriving telemedicine practice does not require extra space or extra staff, and telemedicine patients don’t require as many physical resources as in-office patients. Additionally, your practice will gain an increased reach when you are able to hold consultations with patients who cannot travel to your office.

The ability to see more patients, and the need for less physical space and fewer physical resources, means a more robust bottom line.

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5 Healthy Reasons To Start Using Telemedicine in Your Practice

5 Healthy Reasons To Start Using Telemedicine in Your Practice | IT Support and Hardware for Clinics |

As a healthcare professional, it’s likely that you’ve heard of telemedicine. If not, it’s basically a way for doctors and patients to communicate using certain tech devices. You might ask why this is important, and that’s what we’re here to tell you. There are many reasons for you to begin using this special medical care in your practice; as telemedicine solution providers, we hope to give you all the information you need about it.

1. It’s Beneficial for Those in Rural Areas

As you may or may not know, medical care sometimes is hard to find in rural regions. Often, available healthcare in rural areas is not specialized for a patient’s needs, or it is simply too far away for a patient to go in for treatment. Rural patients often are referred to a doctor in a bigger town or city, which isn’t always a possibility. That’s where telemedicine solution providers come in; we can establish a system that allows a patient to get healthcare from far away places.

2. Patients Can Get Help from Home

Let’s say a patient doesn’t have a car or feels too ill to make a trip to the hospital. Telemedicine is a great way to give that patient the care they need from their home. Using things like voice chat and video technology, a doctor can take a look at what’s wrong right away. This means that even people stuck at their house can be properly diagnosed. It’s like a virtual house-call!

3. It Offers Immediate Help

This ties in with getting help from home. Instead of waiting until the last minute to get to a hospital, a person can call up a doctor or send photos that have to do with their illness. This gives the doctor a chance to examine what’s wrong, and keeps the ill person from having to wait several hours to reach a hospital. In severe cases, this could save a life!

4. Early Intervention

Sometimes, it’s necessary to catch something right away. Take heart attack symptoms; because they’re so subtle, many people choose not to go to a hospital. This results in the heart attack happening with no time for intervention, and can even increase the chance of death. Giving people a way to quickly and easily tell you their symptoms can keep this from happening and improve their chances of survival.

5. Good Communication

The main thing people look for in a healthcare provider is solid communication. One of the common factors that drives people away from a practice is a lack of real listening and understanding. Though it may seem unlikely, talking through live video can be one of the best ways to truly understand your patient. It allows one-to-one conversation, and gives you and your patient the chance to talk thoroughly. This way, questions, answers, and suggestions can be more fully dealt with.

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