BitTorrent Takes on Netflix with Original Content Partnership | IT Support and Hardware for Clinics |
Everyone’s getting into the original content game now. BitTorrent today announced a partnership with Rapid Eye Studios to debut original content on the BitTorrent Bundle distribution platform.

Rapid Eye Studios, created by producer Marco Weber, will be creating and producing the content. It will be released first on BitTorrent, but the platform only has the content exclusively for 30 to 60 days. After that period, it can be made available through any other distributor.

Still, the projects receive heavy BitTorrent support, with marketing across all of BitTorrent’s brand. Creators can choose either paid or free (advertising-based) pricing models. BitTorrent says its original programming will focus on “a young, creative, and influential group of 14-25 year-olds,” who make up most of BitTorrent’s audience of 170 million active users.

The company says it has a larger audience than Amazon Prime, Netflix and Hulu combined. The first series to debut on Bundle will be ‘Children of the Machine’, a sci-fi series announced in June last year and slated for launch in late 2015.